If you can’t have fun and act like a fool on April Fools Day, when can you?
At the Island Cow we are all about creating memorable island moments, enjoying good food and having fun times with the family.
On April 1st the legendary Sanibel Skunk Ape was spotted and nabbed by Sanibel Island Cow restauranteur and outdoorsman Brian Podlasek.  Podlasek graciously granted the Skunk Ape one last meal at his restaurant before putting the rare Bigfoot into captivity.
However what was supposed to be a quick bite to eat turned into a daring escape! What happened next was unexpected by Island Cow patrons who witnessed the event.
Please be advised that The Sanibel Skunk Ape is loose somewhere behind the Island Cow on Sanibel Island, but is not considered dangerous and is unlikely to be spotted again until April 1st 2017.